Ohio Viola Society

  Our mission is to promote viola performance and research and to provide activities and support for violists on a local and national level.  We do this by sponsoring concerts, master classes, competitions, clinics and any other activities which will meet the needs of our members.  

  Membership in the Ohio Viola Society (OVS) is free and open to everyone! As a local affiliate of the American Viola Society (AVS), we encourage you to join our parent organization, as well as supporting our local chapter with your participation and donations.  

To join the AVS, visit www.americanviolasociety.org.

THe OVS Board

Nina Kiken, President

Jeffrey Irvine, Vice-President

Kirsten Docter, Treasurer

Christine Sherlock, Secretary

Lisa Boyko, Website Editor

Matthew Daline

Chris Jenkins

Joseph Kromholz

Laura Kuennen-Poper

Catharine Lees

Deborah Price

James Rhodes

Carol Ross

Laura Shuster

Christina Spackey

Michael Strauss

Lembi Veskimets

Juliet White-Smith

Lisa Whitfield

Joanna Zakany-Patterson

Louise Zeitlin